Instant Interlock

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  • Simple to Operate, User Friendly - Ignition Interlock Devices
  • Instant Interlock Device - Straight Blow & Go! 
  • Our Interlock devices do not require that you blow, then suck back, then blow again or hum (sing a tune) while testing!
  • Dual Fuel Cell Sensor Technology, helps eliminate false positive test!

Certified Ignition Interlock Provider in:
Arizona Interlock Provider, California Interlock Provider, New Mexico Interlock Provider, Texas Interlock Provider & Oregon Interlock Provider!


3-4 Second Straight Blow

  • Vehicle and In-Home(mobile) Units Available​.

  • SIMPLE TO USE,  STRAIGHT BLOW & GO! - No suck back or humming while taking a test**
  • Instant Interlock devices only require you to perform a 3-4 second straight blow and your test is complete
  • Certified to temperature standards as high as 185+ degrees F to as low as -40 degrees F
  • Certified to meet the new 2013 NHTSA Standards